Saturday, September 12, 2009

This club is so hot, nobody can get in.

You can always tell how trendy a club is by the number of boldface names have been seen there recently. If a club’s hot, you’re bound to have heard of Paris, Lindsay and at least one Kardashian hanging out there. And some purveyor of overpriced vodka flavored with a weird fruit has chosen this venue for a PR party. Another dead giveaway is the imposing bouncer/doorman out front, keeping the hoi polloi safely behind the velvet rope, while the latest cable network reality star is ushered in.
If you’re judged to be cool enough, or toss the doorman a big tip, venture inside to breathe deeply of the hipness. Or whatever that funny smell is, wafting in from the patio. Make your first stop the bar, where you can wait until an unemployed actor posing as a bartender deigns to serve you a $12 vodka martini. If you’re lucky and he’s in a good mood, it may even have some vodka in it.