Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Perfect Shoe for the Working Woman…

If she’s working a pole, that is. I was doing a little discount shoe shopping at when I came across these elegant Lucite heels with a very special feature—a drawer for tips. Hey, that makes perfect sense. When you’re twirling around a pole buck nekked, where are you supposed to stash those little tokens of appreciation from customers? (Yeah, I can think of one place right off, but don’t really want to go there.)

So what could be more practical than a pair of shoes that not only enhance your sexy image but provide a convenient (and hygienic) place to stash you evening’s earnings? At only $20 or so, these Lucite beauties are not only practical, they may be eligible as deductions on your taxes next year, along with those new boobs.

In a sadly failing economy, stripping seems like a recession-proof career. I mean, you keep hearing about bookstores and record shops going under but you never hear about a strip bar closing unless it’s in some Bible-belt town down South where the local holy-rollers burn it down.

Even if you haven’t given in to pole dancing and are still trying to pass yourself off as a model/actress/reality star/whatever, they might come in handy as you’re trying to pick up a date/trick at the Hollywood bar du jour. Brooke Hogan, grab a pair before they’re all gone.